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Nelson Mandela Arrest Warrant NFT takes pride of place in Quint’s Boutique NFT Marketplace



Nelson Mandela, the South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician and ex-President, was an iconic champion of human rights. For challenging apartheid, he was sentenced to 27 years in prison, with the arrest warrant signed by judge R.R. Swart.

On the 61st anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s arrest, this warrant was immortalized and tokenized in the digital world by Momint, a marketplace for digital art, collectibles, and non-fungible tokens. The iconic NFT was then sold at auction to an anonymous bidder for the winning sum of $130,000 — with the funds going to the Liliesleaf Farm Museum in South Africa.

The auction winner was revealed to be Project Quint, the innovative venture linking the metaverse to the real world. Quint is a utility-rich project that unlocks real-world rewards for investors, along with high crypto returns. The venture is backed by a publicly-declared team of veteran businesspeople, leaders, investors and entrepreneurs. 

Quint has launched its highly-anticipated Boutique NFT Marketplace, where unique collectibles are up for auction, and selected artists connect with collectors and connoisseurs of digital art. 

The Nelson Mandela Arrest Warrant NFT takes pride of place in Quint’s Boutique NFT Marketplace as a special showcase that is not for sale. Instead, Quint plans to loan the collectible to real-world and metaverse exhibitions and events celebrating Mandela’s legacy or furthering the cause of human rights globally. 

Quint’s ability to combine in-life perks and rewards with crypto returns is enabled through its super-staking pools. Luxury Raffle Pools combine luxury gifts with auto-compounding crypto returns. Quintessential pools, meanwhile, are for larger investors, with each pool offering a list of real-world perks along with class-leading crypto returns. 

Quint launched on PancakeSwap on April 21st 2022 after a successful presale that raised close to $4 million. Strong investor interest and sound fundamentals saw the Quint token underpinning the project appreciate by multiples within the first twelve hours of launch. 

In testament to Quint’s real-world credentials, Etihad Airways COO Mohammad Al Bulooki has joined the project as Chairman of its Board of Directors. Meanwhile, Quint’s Managing Partner Rahul Chaudhary is also the Managing Director of CG Corp. Global, the multinational Forbes Global List-recognized conglomerate that spans four generations, 79 brands and 167 companies.

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