Quint unveils $500,000 Twitter profile picture



Quint unveils $500,000 Twitter profile picture 

  • Quint uses Twitter’s new NFT profile picture feature to showcase collectible Bored Ape

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT estimated to be worth half a million dollars 

  • Celebrity Bored Ape owners include Justin Beiber, Madonna, Jimmy Fallon, etc.,

NFTs are all the rage as collectors and celebrities line up to pocket these unique non-fungible tokens denoting digital ownership of artwork, trading cards, comic books, sports collectibles, games and more. Once patronized by early adopters, NFTs have now gone fully mainstream, with collectors piling in, and even regular consumers purchasing NFT art. 

Recently, Twitter enabled the use of unique NFTs as an account’s profile picture in a move that shows how NFTs have become part of popular culture. This has spurred a movement, with users using the hashtag #NewNFTProfilePic to showcase their NFT profile pictures. 

One Twitter account appears to have set a new bar in the NFT profile picture stakes, displaying an extremely collectible Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT as their account’s profile picture.

The Twitter account @projectquint, which belongs to an upcoming crypto token $QUINT with a tag line “Connecting the Metaverse to the Real World”, tweeted about its new NFT Profile Pic <link>… 

The account belongs to Quint, the cryptocurrency ecosystem commissioned by the industry titan Rahul Chaudhary, Managing Director of CG Corp Global. @projectquint has been making waves with the presale of its Quint token, which offers investors real-life rewards as well as crypto returns. Investors can access the presale here: https://quint.io/

The NFT, part of the Bored Ape Collection, is estimated to be worth estimated USD 500,000. Bored Ape NFTs have become exceptional collectibles, with celebrities vying to add them to their personal collections. Famous Bored Ape NFT owners include Madonna, Justin Bieber, basketball stars Shaquille O’Neal and Stephan Curry, Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart and many more. 

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