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$QUINT Launches on Pancake Swap after global campaign



Quint, the project connecting the metaverse with the real-world by enabling real-life rewards, is launching its Quint token on PancakeSwap on April 21st 2022, 6pm UTC.

The launch is the culmination of a global campaign where Quint found its way on the world’s landmarks. The brand’s advertising is live on the NASDAQ Times Square, London Bond Street and JBR The Walk Dubai among other locations. On 20th April, an eye-catching Quint skydive promotion took Palm Jumeirah Dubai by storm.

The Quint presale, which kicked off on April 7th 2022,  has also built global momentum behind the token and ecosystem — with $1,000,000 raised in the last two days alone. The presale was a chance for early backers to invest in Quint before prices appreciate on launch. 

Quint is set apart by its ability to unlock real-world rewards for investors along with high crypto returns. Revolutionary super-staking Luxury Raffle Pools give away incredible prizes. The first super-staking Luxury Raffle Pool is giving away 2 Hublot limited edition Big Bang watches, followed by one offering a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT to a lucky winner. Meanwhile Quintessential super-staking pools are designed for serious investors, and each comes with a list of real-world rewards and perks for pool participants to choose from. This is in addition to high crypto returns facilitated by an auto-compounding feature.

The listing of $QUINT on PancakeSwap will mark the official launch of the token and will further boost liquidity while delivering upsides to early investors. The launch will be followed by listings on key exchanges and platforms as per Quint’s roadmap. 

About Quint Ecosystem

Quint is a first-of-its-kind token offering unique real-world rewards and incentives through physical asset creation and backing. The token brings to its holders real-world luxury using the power of metaverse and a boutique NFT marketplace that features bespoke NFTs being delivered to the clients in digital-physical Token Frames. 

Quint is initially being launched on Pancake Swap (using the Binance Smart Chain network) on 21st April 2022 and contracts for other blockchain networks including Ethereum, FTM, Polygon and Avalanche will be deployed soon. 

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